Department Communication technology and technologies is in the composition of Faculty of Computing and Automation of the Technical University of Varna and is responsible for the special training of specialty "Information and Communication Technologies"In the Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree.

The department has modern laboratories, equipped with modern equipment in the field of communications and computer technologies, in which professors from the department and students of the specialty carry out teaching and research activities in the following directions:

  • optical telecommunication;
  • computer networks;
  • sensor networks;
  • mobile telecommunication;
  • radio waves and radiolines;
  • analog and digital circuits;
  • antennas and microwave technology;
  • communications measurements;
  • optoelectronics;
  • digital transmission systems;
  • digital signal processing;
  • switching and multiplexing equipment;
  • terminal devices;
  • video technology;
  • Data Transmission;
  • audio technology;
  • telecommunication networks;
  • radionavigation technique;
  • radiolocation equipment;
  • optical cable lines;
  • hydroacoustic technique;
  • and other.

The University has 3 student dormitories with 1,450 seats and 2 student chairs. Student hostels are located approximately 750 m away from university buildings. The compact layout of the university, student dormitories and student chair creates favorable conditions for student life and work. The University has a modern sports base:

  • Sport Hall;
  • Fitness center;
  • Table tennis hall;
  • Chess Club;
  • outdoor sports facilities (football, 2 basketball and 2 volleyball playgrounds), etc.
  • "Innovation Lab" - built on a project by Samsung Electronics.  The Lab provides integrated hardware and software for training students in "Telecommunications and Mobile Technologies" and provides advanced interactive learning. The hall has 20 workplaces for students and one for lecturers equipped with Samsung laptops, touchscreens (interactive boards) as well as additional devices for testing mobile applications during the training. " The Samsung Electronics Tech Institute program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the additional skills they will need for their professional growth. Students will acquire skills to create mobile applications for Android, communications networks, video technologies and automated communications design.
  • ICard Radiolocation and Radionavigation Laboratory equipped with the financial and technological support of Ayakert Services AD.

     The iCard Laboratory has 20 modern computer configurations and enables students to learn in a modern and high-tech environment, to work on new projects and develop skills that will steer the path of their future career.

  • Video and Multimedia Technology Lab - equipped with digital cameras, oscilloscopes, television video and audio signal generators, video and audio signal processing modules, satellite television receivers, sound systems, computer configurations;
Video 2
  • Laboratory of Electrodynamics and Optoelectronics - Featuring an EMC chamber for antenna measurements, microwave generators, waveguide and coaxial apparatus, power meters, lasers, optoelectronic devices and devices.
  • Laboratory of Applied Signal Processing - has analogue and analog digital oscilloscopes, spectro-analyzers, digital cameras, development kits, digital signal processing modules, computer configurations;

Laboratory of Mobile Radiocommunication Systems -Supplies with generators, spectro-analyzers, vector analyzers, oscilloscopes, measuring receivers, modules for measuring radio circuits, computer configurations;

  • Laboratory of Cable and Fiber Optic Lines and Systems - Equipped with the Comprehensive Exam and Training Unit EMONA Int. with built-in LABVIEW programming environment, optic fiber test stands and cable lines;
  • Laboratory Optical Transmission Systems -has specialized measuring equipment such as spectral analyzers, oscilloscopes, specialized analyzers, etc. It provides students with the opportunity to get acquainted with the foundations of modern optical telecommunications and the facilities with which telecommunication networks are built. There is a real fiber optic telecommunication network and telecommunication stands.
  • Laboratory Cable lines and sensor networks - has an experimental model imitating a real optical network. Sensor systems developed on the basis of various Node NI WSN-32xx, connected through the Gatawey NI WSN-97xx, run under the NI LabVIEW software package (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench).
  • Laboratory Health related technologies - features NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite II series NI ELVISTM II Series, Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices with different functionality.
  • Laboratory of Terminal Communication Devices - equipped with GSM controller, Asterna communication testers, network terminator for ISDN network, wireless router, Panasonic terminals, network tester;
  • Laboratory of Telecommunication Networks and Systems - is equipped with a Panasonic digital telephone exchange, a network terminator for an ISDN network, a wireless router, a communications switch, a multiplex system, Trixbox software VoIP, VoIP terminals, IP Gateway, Cisco wireless router, and Sangona Nardware Telephony Cards for Voice Quality.