Technical University of Varna was established in 1962 by a Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria and a Decree of the National Assembly.


The new higher education institution should provide engineers for shipbuilding, transport, mechanical engineering, power engineering and communication technology needed for industrial complexes in the field of chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repair, motor engineering, transport, power engineering, electronics and communications.


Initially, the university was established under the name of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute (MEI-Varna) with three faculties: Mechanical, Electrical and Shipbuilding. The first admission of students at MEI-Varna was in 1963/64 in the following specialties: Engines with internal combustion, Ship machines and mechanisms, Shipbuilding, Technology of machine building, Electrical machines and apparatuses, Radio engineering, Telecommunication equipment, Automation and telemetry Automatisation of production.

The Technical Faculty of the State University "St. Cyril Slavyanovo Bylgarski" in Varna officially opened on August 18, 1945. The Technical Department had the following departments: machine building, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, construction and architectural industrial chemistry.

With the changes in socio-political life in Bulgaria during this period, the faculty, as well as the university, underwent significant reforms. Thus in 1958 the last engineers-shipbuilders trained in the Technical Faculty graduated.

The first teachers at the MEI-Varna only a few years ago trained students in the Technical Faculty or graduated from them. Because of this it is considered that MEI-Varna is the successor of the Technical Faculty of the Varna State University.



Technical University of Varna

During the years of its existence, MEI-Varna from a small institute, preparing engineers with regional significance, became a Technical University of National Importance, conducting training of 23 specialty students. For the 40-year period of activity of TU-Varna 28976 specialists with higher education in the field of "Technical sciences", "Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics", "Social, economic and legal sciences" and "Pedagogical sciences in the field of technics and technologies ".


50 years TU-Varna

In 2012, our university celebrates its 50th anniversary. Jubilee celebrations will continue throughout the year, and the culmination of celebrations will be from 4 to 9 October. Go to the Jubilee page »



At present, TU-Varna has a passive building stock with a total built-up area of 67542 square meters. All the buildings of the university are relatively new - they were built after 1968.

The University has 3 student dormitories with 1,450 seats and 2 student chairs. Student hostels are located approximately 750 m away from university buildings.

The compact layout of the university, dormitory and chair creates favorable conditions for student life and work.

The university has a modern sports base: a sports hall, a fitness center, a table tennis hall, a chessboard and outdoor sports facilities (football, 2 basketball and 2 volleyball courts).



At present, the structure of TU-Varna includes 4 faculties and 2 colleges and one department:

    • Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology
    • Shipbuilding Facility
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    • Faculty of Computing and Automation
    • College in the structure of TU - Varna
    • Dobrudja Technological College
  • Department of Economic and Monetary Affairs